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Advocult big brake kits are precision CNC engineered from the finest materials specifically for your vehicle, directly replacing stock brakes. The brake kits, which are available in a variety of colours and options, include calipers, rotors, brackets, lines and shims for two wheels. Calipers are guaranteed for 2 years, brake rotors 6 months. 

















Floating Rotor *

Floating rotors allow the braking surface to 'float' on the hub, negating the affect of metal expansion and reducing the possibility of discs warping when they are over-heated. They also improve heat dissipation, meaning they cool down more quickly than our standard 2-piece rotors, which reduces brake fade over prolonged periods of heavy braking.​


























Our rotors are manufactured from high grade FC30 iron alloy with anti-rust coating. They utilze large vents to dissipate heat more efficiently. Center caps are made from aerospace grade aluminium with hard anodizing electrolyte treatment for improved durability. Each rotor is manufactured to a tolerance of +/- 0.02mm to ensure perfect balancing. Any rotor that does not meet our high QC standards will not leave the factory.

                            Drilled                                                            Slotted                                               Drilled and Slotted

Calipers *

Calipers are made from high quality 6061 T6 heat treated aluminium, squeeze forged, and finished with an anti-rust coating. They include aluminium pistons with progressive sizes to ensure even pad wear, and internal oil and dust seals for protection against the elements. 

We offer 11 different sizes of caliper to suit each size of rotor. Calipers are available in 12 anodized colours.

Please note that our brake calipers do not have provisions for pad wear sensors, so if your vehicle has these as standard, they will become redundant after you install the brake kit. 

Anodized Colours *

Calipers are available in 12 anodized colours.

Brake Pads *

We also manufacture our own high quality street and race brake pads. They include heat plates to improve heat dissipation and reduce noise. Replacement pads are not specific to PB Brake kits and are available from either ourselves or any major pad manufacturer. Please see 'compatible pads' on the left for profiles and product numbers. 

Street pads are included as standard, and are recommended for drivers that want quiet, low-maintenance brakes on the road. They're more economical, and will still stop you really fast, but will start to fade after 4 or 5 heavy high speed stops in quick succession. Suitable for road use only. 

Sport pads are a great middle-ground option. Although not as quiet as the street pads, the cold bite is right up there, they allow great friction, and you have to push them extremely hard to get any hint of fade. Suitable for light track and fast road use. 

Race pads are obviously going to give you the best performance. They offer the highest friction and warm bite, and in our experience we have never been able to make them fade in both rally and circuit racing. The drawbacks are they need bedding in very thoroughly to maintain a good transfer layer on the rotors, and they don't last very long. Recommended for track use only. 

Brake Lines *

Each kit includes a set of DOT compliant stainless steel braided brake lines, with waterproof PVC coating. They are vehicle specific, so additional adaptors are not required. The lines also have clips attached to make life easier when installing.​

Brackets *

Brackets are made from high strength steel alloy, manufactured specifically for each vehicle application. Again, no modification or adaptors required. Strong, durable, reliable.

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