Custom made hoses using our Nitrile rubber core hose and fittings

Advocult Motorsport's nitrile series black nylon outer braided hose. Excellent pressure ratings of 1,000PSI from -04 to -10. AQP elastomer smooth bore inner tube. -40°C to 140°C temperature range. Full vacuum (-10,-12,-16). Approved with reusable and crimp fittings. Applications include fuel, E85, E10, Methanol, Oils, diesel, lubricant, coolant and air. (not suitable for high pressure power steering hose). This hose complies with SAEJ30R12.

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Custom made hoses using our PTFE/TEFLON core hose and fittings

Advocult Motorsport's PTFE series Stainless steel black nylon outer braided hose has superior fluid compatibility, abrasion and corrosion resistance for reliable service. Made with an extruded teflon inner tube that’s compatible with a wide range of fluids, including diesel and hydraulic brake fluids. The hose has a bright wire-braid cover that resists corrosion. Applications include brake line, transmission, clutch, gauge, N2O, power steering and hydraulic. This hose complies with SAE100R14.


Maximum Working Pressures

  • -4 - 4000 psi

  • -6 - 3000 psi

  • -8 - 2500 psi

  • -10 - 2000 psi

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