Braided hoses, how, when and why?

Are wondering if now is the right time to upgrade/update some, or all of your engine bay hoses?. In this blog we will explain some of the common uses, and advantages, to making the change.

"But making braided hoses looks hard and really complicated"

When it comes to assembling braided hoses, it really couldn't be more simple. For some of the smaller sizes you don't even need a vice!. Not too long ago we filmed two very short videos that explain the basic assembly procedure of both Nitrile, and PTFE/TEFLON core hose.

When and where do i need braided hoses?

Well this is quite a complicated question, so let's go through some examples!

Do your fuel hoses look like this!?

This is something we see all the time, the rubber hoses that are used by vehicle manufacturers has a shelf life. It gets exposed to thousands of heat cycles in its life span and eventually ends up degrading, and breaking down. This is where problems start, especially considering these hoses are used to transport highly flammable substances like fuel and oil!. This is a great time to consider an upgrade, and in the majority of cases, a braided solution can be implemented with relative ease.

Are you adding power mods, and looking to increase fuel delivery?

Once you start jumping in to making performance changes, it is almost inevitable that you will have to consider changing fuel rails, pressure regulators, and adding parts to your existing fuel system that simply can't be accommodated whilst retaining OEM fuel hoses. This is where AN fittings and braided hoses come to the rescue. The wide range of options available, make using braided hoses a bit of a no-brainer, especially is you are considering using a high ethanol or methanol content fuel.

Cooling is everything!

Its not just your fuel system where Braided hoses save the day, they can also give you all the same advantages on your oil, coolant and power steering system. The list of applications is larger than you could ever imagine, and we are here to guide you through them (but not today).

So have you learnt anything?, is this your first time looking at the applications of braided hoses and AN fittings?, and what do you want to learn next?

We will be adding blogs on a weekly basis, going in to great detail on the application of our products to help you find the best solution for your project. So keep an eye on our website and facebook page to stay up to date.

Thanks, and see you next week :)

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