Mazda RX7 FD3S Stage 1 Fuel kit

This kit is the best first step you can make towards getting more power of of the RX7 FD3s. It comes complete with a RADIUM performance secondary fuel rail, NUKE performance fuel pressure regulator, NUKE performance fuel pressure gauge, and all hoses required to connect to the primary fuel rail and stock hard fuel lines in the engine bay and a pair of 1650cc Evolved Tuning injectors.


This kit replaces the stock fuel line that links the primary and secondary rails. Some later spec primary rails come with a swaged on hose that will need to be cut off to replace.


This kit includes everything you need.


All hoses are made from our NITRILE range of hose and fittings, as this is required for a push-on connection to the stock hard fuel lines. Use of this kit does require you to remove the stock ACV system (blanking kits are available as an option) and is designed around an un-modified engine bay (some fitment issues may arrise with use of other aftermarket parts)


An offset gauge adapter is supplied to be fitted on the return line to the fuel pressure regulator. This allows the use of a gauge or pressure sensor, without interfering with the ABS system.





This Radium Engineering secondary fuel rail is for the Mazda 13B-REW rotary engine.

With the use of the provided 2AN ORB plugs, this adaptable design permits both the OEM 2-port intake manifold (shown above) and aftermarket 4-port intake manifolds (shown below). 

The aluminum fuel rail is anodized black for compatibility with all popular fuel types including E85. Manufactured with a large internal bore, the fuel rail can support all necessary engine power requirements. The extra center port allows additional fuel system accessories such as the OEM fuel temperature sensor (using 14-0421 shown below), a pressure transducer, Radium fuel pulse damper, etc.

Insulating phenolic spacers and washers are included with stainless steel hardware to prevent thermal energy from conducting heat into the fuel. The two M8 extension mounts are made from stainless steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance.

For the OEM 2-port intake manifold, the included 20mm phenolic spacers, billet injector seats, and 2AN ORB plugs will be used. Also, for the required space, an air control valve delete for the OEM 13B-REW intake manifold (sold separately) is required. 

The included 14mm lower injector seats were designed specifically to be compatible with or without the OEM diffusers in place. They feature Viton O-rings making them suitable for boosted applications. NOTE: if using an Elite Rotary Shop 4-port intake manifold (shown below), 2 extra injector seats are required.

With this fuel rail, all lower intake manifolds variations are compatible with the fuel injectors listed below. For the Xcessive Manufacturing 4-port intake manifold, the included 11mm phenolic spacers will be used.


Below are some of the many fuel injectors that are a direct fitment with this fuel rail:
Injector Dynamics ID850-60-14-14
Injector Dynamics ID1050x-60-14-14
Injector Dynamics ID1300-60-14-14
Injector Dynamics ID1700-60-14-14
Injector Dynamics ID2000-60-14-14

Evolved Injection DPI550-60-14-14

Evolved Injection DPI650-60-14-14

Evolved Injection DPI850-60-14-14

Evolved Injection DPI1000-60-14-14

Evolved Injection DPI1200-60-14-14

Evolved Injection DPI1300-60-14-14

Evolved Injection DPI1650-60-14-14


For use on turbo-charged, super-charged and Naturally aspirated engine applications.

Specially developed for extreme power output, maintaining steady flow even over 1000HP.
Often used in combination with our fuelrail to achieve one of the best results in high power outputs on the market.

Fast response rate. Provides stable fuel delivery for the most demanding requirements.

Fluoro nitrile diaphragm Designed to stand up to the destructive properties of alcohol fuels, including methanol and ethanol.
Nuke Regulator maintain steady fuel delivery during dramatic changes in fuel demand.

Fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio when referencing boost.
Hardened steel ball and replaceable steel seat.

The Mounting Bracket gives a Tight and Safe Mounting of the Regulator.
The Brackets is Stainless Steel for a long lasting, corrosion-free appearance.

Technical information

CNC macufactured from aluminium alloy 6082.

Fully adjustable from 35 psi to 90 psi.

Diaphragm fabricated from an elastomer material resistant against petrol and ethanol.

Delivered with one dash 8, one dash 6, one plug and stainless steel brackets.


**7-10 days despatch on this item**

Mazda RX7 FD3S Stage 1 Fuel kit

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